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Ashley Farley (aka ashcooks) is a social worker by day and a self-taught chef in her off hours who specializes in plant-based and organic cooking. In October 2012, Ashley came across the documentary "Forks Over Knives," a film that would forever change her relationship with food by revealing the correlation between our diets and the myriad of health issues that many people experience at alarming rates. Prior to viewing the film, Ashley prided herself in having made lifestyle changes to promote overall health and well-being such as giving up fast food, getting rid of her microwave and limiting salts and sugars in her diet, but the prospect of giving up meat altogether was a new undertaking.

This required Ashley to explore vegetables, grains, roots and various cultural dishes that she’d never before imagined! And thus, ashcooks was manifested through Ashley’s natural evolution that explored the inextricable link between her diet, her physical and emotional well-being, and her love for… well, food!

Along the way, as Ashley learned about new ingredients, recipes and various health benefits (or myths), Ashley felt compelled to share this information with others (a true social worker at heart). Ashley created the @ashcooks Instagram page and eventually,, a website that contains recipes, healthy food and lifestyle information and local LA events for others who are committed to improving their lifestyle by changing their relationship and view of food. Ashley firmly believes that nature is medicine and that the plants and grains that we consume have the power to heal when used in the right ways.


Ashley encourages you to join her in this exploration by challenging yourself to try a new vegetable or grain, choosing the vegetarian or vegan option when you go out to eat, being open-minded and researching for yourself the way that your diet is affecting your body and by just having fun with the process!

If you're looking to learn about healthier food choices, require vegetarian meal prep, cooking demonstrations, education for children groups and non-profits, or catering for small scale events,  If you're interested contact

Be healthy, be well!


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