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Fourth Annual Sip n' Swap 5/20/18

Featuring all of a girl's fav's:

  1. Clothes.
  2. Fellowship.
  3. Food.
  4. Rosé.

This annual private event is held every Spring in the Ashcooks residence. The 'swap' was all started in 2014, when Ash was in the midst of Spring cleaning. Staring at a vast sea of clothes, jewelry, shoes and accessories, Ash realized a few things; first, how blessed she is, second, that she was buying new items just to have them, third, that she didn't need any of the things she was purchasing, and lastly, that for every item she desired, she should let go of an item that she no longer needed.

After sorting through the closet, Ash had a pile of super fashionable clothes/ accessories that were gently or never worn. She felt a sense of guilt in letting them go without offering to her girl's first. So Ash contacted a few close friends and suggested they bring some wine, ash would cook because... well, that's just what ash does, and the girlfriends could all swap clothes and things that were in great condition, but weren't bringing joy or being used.

Thus, the sip n' swap began! 

Four years later, it's an highly anticipated event that's helped to build fellowship, sample delicious plant-based food, and uplift one another while we model our newest apparel. 


*Due to limited space in the ashcooks' residence, this event is invitation only. However, if you'd like to start a clothing swap of your own, contact ash and she'd love to help you get started!


contact:        @ashcooks