for a healthier you...

Fourth Annual Sip n' Swap 5/20/18

Featuring all of a girl's fav's:

  1. Clothes.
  2. Fellowship.
  3. Food.
  4. Rosé.

This annual private event is held every Spring in the Ashcooks residence. The 'swap' was all started in 2014, when Ash was in the midst of Spring cleaning. Staring at a vast sea of clothes, jewelry, shoes and accessories, Ash realized a few things; first, how blessed she is, second, that she was buying new items just to have them, third, that she didn't need any of the things she was purchasing, and lastly, that for every item she desired, she should let go of an item that she no longer needed.

After sorting through the closet, Ash had a pile of super fashionable clothes/ accessories that were gently or never worn. She felt a sense of guilt in letting them go without offering to her girl's first. So Ash contacted a few close friends and suggested they bring some wine, ash would cook because... well, that's just what ash does, and the girlfriends could all swap clothes and things that were in great condition, but weren't bringing joy or being used.

Thus, the sip n' swap began! 

Four years later, it's an highly anticipated event that's helped to build fellowship, sample delicious plant-based food, and uplift one another while we model our newest apparel. 


*Due to limited space in the ashcooks' residence, this event is invitation only. However, if you'd like to start a clothing swap of your own, contact ash and she'd love to help you get started!


The Harvest : A Plant Based Soiree (2017)



1. The time when you reap what you sow.

2. To harvest something means that you pick or gather it.


1. The time of year when crops are ripe and ready to be gathered.

2. A plant-based social experience for those with open minds and curious palettes.

5 p.m. cocktail hour will be followed by dinner and dessert.

Nourishment and spirits provided by ashcooks. Sweet tooths satiated by Simply Sheena Marie.

I hope you can join the celebration of renewal, abundance and good food.


Backyard Bayou

On Sunday April 23rd, @ashcooks, @theladypatience and @donyvano will be hosting a collaborative event, our first ever Backyard Bayou. We'll have good old fashioned soulful seafood and drinks, served up southern style with a side of Juvenile! On the menu, Cajun style crab, crawdads, shrimp, chicken sausage, potatoes, corn and french bread for some finger lickin' fun! (We know some of y'all are particular, so we'll have a pescatarian option available, just send us an email when you check out!) Big Azz bottomless drinks will be flowin' for the first hour and will stay poured up til we run out. For our special guests, we'll even have lagniappe, which is Creole for 'a little something extra', so you best not miss out!! Bring yourself, your woes and the best of vibes to enjoy an evening of southern comfort!


Creative Kids Literacy Fair

My insanely talented and community-focused friends Jasmine B. Walker and Gloria Day are hosting a fair for kids, promoting literacy, encouraging creativity and mindfulness. I'm honored to be helping with this event and to bring ashcooks healthy snacks and recipes to children within the Los Angeles community. If you have children between the ages of 6 and 10, or know someone that does, please share the information! We'd love to see you there! 

The Harvest: A Plant Based Soiree

What do you consume? How does it enrich and nourish you? What is the link between what we consume and how we feel? 

Join aschooks and Feel Free to Feel Free for 'The Harvest', an event of plant-based indulgence and exploration of the food we consume, the lifestyles we lead, and the nourishment our bodies need. The event will consist of an ashcooks home-cooked three course meal including appetizers and alcoholic beverages, coupled with insightful conversation. The Harvest is a community event, designed to help individuals explore plant-based options, meals, and lifestyle changes. Proceeds are utilized for only the event costs. Space is limited and tickets are available through 11/19/15. The event is scheduled for November 22, 2015 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.

For tickets and additional information, please see below:

contact:        @ashcooks